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Before you arrive:

Obtain a Visa?
Find a Job?
Write a Resume?
Find Job Search Resources?
Get a Social Security Card?
Learn English?
Get into a U.S. College?
Get a Student Visa?
Get Health Insurance for a "J" Visa?
Travel to the U.S.?
Move to the U.S.?
Bring Items into the U.S.?

Upon your arrival:

Learn about U.S. Currency?
Exchange Currency into U.S. Dollars?
Find Emergency Travel Assistance?
Make a Phone Call?
Take a Bus?
Rent a Car?

Measurement Conversions:

Convert from Meters to Feet?
Understand Time Zones?
Convert Temperatures?


Use a Pay Phone?
Rent an Apartment?
Get Local Phone Service?
Get Long-Distance Service?
Deal with an Emergency?

Wire Money?
Open a Bank Account?

Write a Check?
Get a U.S. Credit Card?
Get a Loan?
Learn about Taxes?
Plan for my Financial Future?

Shop in the U.S.?
Buy Food?
Buy Clothing?
Get a Good Bargain?
"Dress for Success"?

Find a Doctor?
Make an Appointment?
Buy Medication?
Buy Health Insurance?

Learn to Drive?
Get a Driver's License?
Buy a New Car?
Buy a Used Car?
Buy Auto Insurance?
Register my Car?

Buy a Home?

American Culture:

Make Friends in the U.S.?
Learn about American Culture?
Learn about American Holidays?
"Dress for Success"?

Government and Legal Issues:

Understand U.S. Government?
Learn How a Bill Becomes Law?
Understand the U.S. Legal System?
Know my Legal Rights?
Know my Consumer Rights?
Avoid Scams?
Find a Lawyer?
File a Claim?
Live Safely in the U.S.?


Learn about U.S. Education?
Find a Good School for my Child?
Find a Good Preschool for my Child?
Find a Good Day Care Center?


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