Who are We??

LivingAmerican.com is a free service of Immigration Law Offices, Inc., a full-service law firm based in Miami and Pompano Beach, Florida. This site is designed as a practical and informative guide to everyday life in the United States. We tell you how to get here, what to bring, how to get around, and what to watch out for.

We have compiled what we believe are reputable sources of information, notably government and non-profit consumer sources both on and off the web. We strive to be as unbiased as possible in our consumer tips; however, we do feature some commercial resources which, in our experience, have offered superior products, quality of service, and/or website content.

If you wish to register a complaint about any of the sources we have listed, please contact us. Also, we suggest you read our legal disclaimer. Please be aware that, apart from copyrighted materials marked as such, the content contained in this site is only the opinion of the editors, and is not meant to be construed as legally binding advice.

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