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How To Tip

For employees in some service industries it is common and expected practice to offer a tip on top of the bill as long as service is not below average. Following are some common tipping guidelines:

  • waiters: 15-17% of bill before tax, 20% at a 5-star restaurant or for large parties (at a fancy restaurant check to make sure service is not included in the bill)
  • taxi drivers: 15% of total bill, no less than 25 cents
  • hairdressers: 15%
  • shampooer: $1-$2
  • pizza deliveryperson: $1-2 for short distance, $2-3 for longer distance
  • airport skycap - $1-2 per bag
  • bellhop: $10 for carrying luggage, $5 for showing you to your room
  • room service: 15% of the bill
  • furniture delivery - $5-10 minimum, up to $20 for very heavy or large items

Useful Links:

For more info, visit Tipping.org, a complete web guide to tipping.


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