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How to Find a Job:
There are thousands of resources, both on- and off-line, to choose from when looking for a job or developing a career strategy. In the U.S., your resume (curriculum vitae or C.V.) and your interview are the most crucial aspects of getting a job, although it helps immensely to network first, or get to know, potential job contacts through industry and social events like parties and meetings, before you start applying.

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!Important Information for Non-Residents:
Before you can obtain a work visa, you must have a firm job offer with a U.S company. In the current U.S. business climate, it is vastly easier to secure a job as a foreign national if you are a high-tech professional. Many high-tech US companies are scouting internationally for workers with skills in computer languages, applications development, database and network administration and MIS management. These companies have lobbied Congress to increase the cap on H-1B employment visas, and a bill being moved rapidly through Congress may significantly raise this limit in the coming years.

Information for Students:
Some large U.S. corporations are looking overseas to help fill their available summer and seasonal jobs. For more info, check the Council on International Education Exchange (C.I.E.E) website: http://www.councilexchanges.org/jobsusa/

Job Training Programs For Foreign Students and Professionals:
Another option is a training program or internship with a US company. CIEE offers internships for students and trainee programs for graduates and professionals. These programs let participants work in the US for up to eighteen months under the J-1 visa (exchange visitor) program. For more info, click here: http://www.ciee-trainee.net/


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